Content with #spain

Knives & co, Barcelona

Pigeons, Barcelona

Pigeons, Barcelona

Pigeons secretly rule the world, Barcelona

Floating in Barcelona

Street in Barcelona

Lopez Auge, Barcelona

Grafitti in Raval neighbourhood, Barcelona

Bus station, Barcelona

Emergency exit

Floating in Barcelona, II

Dancing in the sun, Barcelona

Supermercats, Barcelona

Port de Barcelona


Street performer on Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Street performer on las Ramblas, Barcelona

Lesseps subway station, Barcelona


After seeing this sign I got a serious craving for playing pelota, patines y bicicletas. That sounds like an amazing game.


High sticker attraction surface

No way in or no way out?

Rambla de Mercedes

Okupa y resiste, Barcelona

Cacti, Barcelona

Trapped in a wall of flowers

Under the orange tree, Barcelona

La Pedrera, trompe l'oeil, Barcelona

Picture in picture of Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Queueing for Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Floating in Barcelona, III